Strategy. Writing. Video. Production. Guidance. Mentorship.

Strategy. Writing. Video. Production. Guidance. Mentorship.Strategy. Writing. Video. Production. Guidance. Mentorship.

What's the backstory to SuperMarketLove?

SuperMarketLove is a branding and content company founded In 2015 as a response to clients seeking to build their brands by working directly with an experienced, trusted collaborator.  

A pioneer in the business of 21st century image building, SuperMarketLove offers clients clear guidance and direct access to the knowledge, tools and skills required to build their brand from a wide array of choices, based on best fit and budget. 

For SuperMarketLove, every client is a VIP. Our unique point of difference is direct communication, supported by a passion and respect for the business of branding which permeates every client touchpoint, anchored in potent skill sets honed by repeated success working with hundreds of companies, advertising agencies and individuals, on four continents.

SuperMarketLove is led by founder, Mara Marich, an internationally trained award-winning Creative Director with broad and deep experience in the business of branding. 

Driven by the pursuit of optimally delivered authentic branding, Mara actually began work life at her local supermarket as a part-time checkout operator, a job which supported her while studying economics and psychology full-time at The University of Sydney, Australia's oldest and most distinguished academic institution.  After gaining her Bachelor's degree in Economics and Psychology, Mara began her career in earnest as an advertising copywriter with J. Walter Thompson, learning the ropes of creative communication from the experts. From there she quickly scaled the heights of the advertising industry as a creative with  one of the world's top 10 advertising agencies, The Campaign Palace, Melbourne, under Scott Whybin. 

While at The Palace, Mara wrote a TV spot for  Antz Pantz which won the Gold AWARD for advertising, and more recently, was awarded the most popular TV commercial in the last 25 years. It was this success which gave her the confidence to leapfrog to New York to work in multinational advertising agencies and TV networks, including  the Times Square headquarters of pop culture icon, MTV, where she earned respect as a multiple award-winning Writer/Producer in MTV's acclaimed On-Air Promotions department, creating short pieces of eye candy on a daily basis, as well as longer format shows including MTV's  House of Style.

During this same period, Mara gathered priceless knowledge working with media industry luminaries - from Madison Avenue madman, Ed McCabe, to global art superstar, Barbara Kruger, to Hanna Barbera and Frederator visionary, Fred Seibert, all the while absorbing and applying knowledge learned at the hands of the masters operating at the heart of the fast paced, rapidly evolving world of creativity and communication. 

SuperMarketLove is a business based on the results of unique experiences. Robust and nimble, it is uniquely built to service clients seeking high caliber, high quality branding.